Not ‘Vikas’ but yes, he’s coming back!

On the twenty-third of May 2019 as the hustings would have long closed and new dawn emerged in this largest democracy of the world it will be all too real that the man and his propaganda machine would have clearly won the day.


(Image Source: commons.wikimedia.org)

Narendra Damodardas Modi, the Prime Minister of Republic of India seeking re-election will have made an even stronger come back.

The seasonal allies will rush to find their piece in the pie. Turncoats will have their statements ready and seek a lens that will zoom it to those ready to lap it up.

The siblings will get full marks for trying; analysts will see timing of the long-awaited Daughter’s entry to the arena as slightly too delayed to have made a difference. Rafale not withstanding, the party president will now have to go through the drill of humbly bowing out and accept the will of electorate. And sycophants will rush to hail the leadership and point to a certain 50% increase in seats as if the consumer was half-brained, but try they will!

The promised heart and soul of the much written “Idea of India” would have not come out and cast their ballot; not enough anyway. How else will the Nidhis, Sagarikas and Rajdeeps of the world explain the unexplainable!

Social media and its threat with all its fake would be counted as an important ally to the winning team – the opponents reduced to status of also-ran both on and offline.

The worst terrorist attack in the troubled state of J&K in its history and more importantly the gutsy response to cross the line will have emerged as the clincher that could hypnotize yet again, not over Vikas but Loh this time around.

The young will type away in their Twitters and Whatsapps to hail the heroic performance with their Made-In-China phones. Promise of yet another round of Make-In-India will sound loud from the spokespeople and herd waiting to embrace.

Farmers will now have some new year and date in 2022 to look forward to when they will be happy forever again. The unemployed and the under employed, the wronged and the cheated will all go about their struggles wondering what had changed.

Hug diplomacy will make a comeback; that it had done little to change China – Masood Azhar will be a detail not worth pondering. Trump would call to congratulate his friend, will report the sham of News outlets.  That he would be ordinance-ing with his business friends over lunch to raise tariffs on Indian businesses would be another matter of inconvenient detail for another day.

A certain regional film industry with deep pockets and deeper prejudice toward those not in power will have its who’s who come out with their two lines of praises.

The Shah-Modi dashing duo will have proven their invincibility. History would have found a rightful hero whose place in it now needed no emphasis. They would be comparable only to the First Prime Minister of Independent India and his till-death-do-us-part run as the leader of the infant nation.

The terms Hindutva and Hindu-Rashtra will normalize into the soul of this new, confident and a grown up country willing to do what it took… to bomb the enemy when required but also to complete the unfinished agenda. Snubs will no longer need to be veiled and a majoritarian discourse will define the way the ‘other’ was dealt with.

The Mandir will finally have its date this time to seal the majesty. India would have completed its democratic exercise – the likes of which world had better take notice for its sheer size.

The naysayers would have been silenced.

The celebrations may now begin.